magic leverag | heatless waves


My hair is stick straight and struggles to hold a curl. What I wish I had – perfectly undone / idgaf / I woke up like this / French girl / bendy wavy hair. I will curl or blow dry my hair on the odd occasion I can be bothered, but most days I air dry purely because I’m lazy. A while back I found these funny plastic contraptions in my sister’s room called – ok so I looked it up and still don’t know exactly what they’re called.On eBay they’re listed under any combination of the words: spiral twist magic leverag curler roller tool DIY (you get the idea). I stuck a bunch of them in my (damp) hair and let air dry as per usual – et voila! A gloriously messy mane. Heatless, easy and cheap af – pretty sure you can get these for as low as $2 for a pack. If you’ve got longer hair probably get a set¬†with only the longer lengths. Most seem to come with variable length twisties (that’s what I’m going with) and the short ones are really too short for any longer than shoulder length hair.

step 1. Put in twisties. Let air dry. Pull faces because you look ridic anyway.

step 2. Pull out twisties. Muss it up. Ta-da!



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