Topshop body



body – topshop / jeans – a brand / shoes – jeffrey campbell

Most of the bottoms I wear are high waisted and as a result, my tops are cropped or I wear them tucked. Which is fine but crop tops aren’t always the right length or the most comfortable, and the tuck (half/full) never gives you that sleek look. You either get the lumpy belly pooch of t shirt with the half tuck or a gathered little muffin of material with the full tuck.

Enter the bodysuit. My one gripe with bodysuits is the dreaded undie line – no point in wearing seamless underwear or putting up with a thong if you’re going to get it from the bodysuit anyway. Although, I did see some thong bodysuits on asos which would solve that problem. And if you’re pairing it with jeans (or anything that’s a bit thicker/ looser) it’s hidden to some extent so nbd.

Anyway, this body is from Topshop. They’ve got a whole bunch right now in all different colours. Just realised I don’t have any photos of the front of it – check out how Amy from The Little Magpie wore hers for a front view and in white. And of course check out the rest of her blog, I could scroll through it for hours. She is 110% gorgeous and hilarious – #girlcrush.



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