Majolica Majorca Mascara Magic


A friend of mine just got back from Japan and brought me this goodie. I looked it up and there’s a bunch of mascaras from this brand which has the cutest back story:

The Legend of Majolica Majorca

Once upon a time there lived a bird. She was small, and insignificant, and had neither beautiful feathers nor shining tail. But her heart was innocent and true. The bird loved beautiful things, and she always wished she could become beautiful, too. Each day she searched and searched for feathers that were beautiful or unusual, and adorned her body with them. Before she knew it, the bird had become strangely attractive and unlike any other. Her beauty was totally unique, fascinating and captivating. The goddess of beauty had watched all this, and she felt admiration for the bird’s courage and creativity. The goddess chanted a spell: “MAJOLICA MAJORCA!” Then a wonderful thing happened! The feathers adorning the bird’s body all became real, and a tiny crown appeared atop the bird’s head. The bird had become the goddess’ chosen princess, an evangelist of beauty. “Now,” said the goddess to the bird, “Go forward into the world and make all the girls beautiful.” (from their fb)

I have the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister in waterproof. There’s a whole range of mascaras by this brand as outlined by the lovely Karman over at MADOKEKI blog.

Ok so what I look for in my mascaras is

  1. holds a curl. This is seriously the biggest thing for me because if you can see in the photo below – the difference in photo 1 and 2 is (I think) huge. I don’t get on with so many mascaras because they make my short straight lashes drop as soon as I apply. The waterproof Maybelline mascaras work for me so I haven’t strayed far from them. The mascara I have is the waterproof version. In the past I’ve tried fibre mascaras which weren’t and I ended up with longer but ultimately sad, droopy lashes. Apart from the curl-holding factor, I don’t really care if my mascara is waterproof or not, but I guess it’s a plus!

au naturale (straight/stumpy) → curled → mascara! 

2. doesn’t smudge. Maybe it’s my eye shape or my lids are oily but I have occasionally ended up with panda eyes even with my faithful waterproof Maybellines. The lash expander is a fibre mascara which means it WILL NOT smudge! You can literally see the fibres on the wand when you pull it out, they look like a whole lot of eyelashes. These attach themselves to your eyelashes and you might end up with a few super long ones (see middle photo lower lashes below) – just comb through with a clean mascara wand / lash comb and the clingers will fall right off.

3. comfort. I wore this mascara all day and it held up extremely well. I didn’t notice any smudging/ fall out of fibres / droopy lashes by the end of the day, and a major bonus is that my eyes weren’t irritated at all! I’ve had issues lately with dry eyes and have been forgoing mascara because of this, but this wondrous tube has given me hope.

The only con for me is that they unfortunately don’t sell this in stores in Australia but you can get it online from a bunch of different sites. Hurrah for the internet.




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